Our researches


  • Prediction Machine for The Heart Disease: over 200 parameters, new algorithms, completely new idea, will become world leading concept ... Now: Prototype 1 making Stage.
  • Prediction of emergency situations: floods, fires, earthquakes...we predict a population behavior in such situations.
  • Long and short run predictions: Economy, stock markets, banks... it will be easier knowing the future 01.01.2016. Innovative Stock Market prediction researching's Beginning.

Math Research

  • New Coding Way: Privacy if safe. The messages are safe. We don't read them. we just code them and recognize its Spam/Ham value.
  • Finding Spam Without Message Reading: It is possible. In SMS world We did it!

Med Tech

  • Genetic "USB" :Touch&Mind
  • New Ways :¬†Innervation in a state of partial or complete immobility of the body parts
  • Genetic data protection :¬†Thanks to Beal Conjecture

Why BRI ?

We can fix everything. We are going beyond the frontiers. New ideas, new way to act.

Our projects

Our skills

We have created many prediction algorithms and also prediction software, and successfully tested them. Our employees have knowledge from the field data mining and data science. It employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the context of mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science.
Machine Learning:
Data Visualization & Communication:
Data Wrangling:

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