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Brain Research Infinity BRI is a small scientific company that develops software for the prediction of events. We have created many prediction algorithms and also prediction software, and successfully tested them.First, we have developed algorithms for the prediction of events and a platform for predicting human behavior in emergency situations (floods, fires, earthquakes...). The test was conducted three years ago at the time of disaster floods in Serbia, in the municipality of Paracin.

This is the only municipality that had not human victims. The test was performed coordinated with the assistance of SSES, which cooperates with OSCE. Also they use our algorithms for security projects powered by OSCE.After that we started with the development of the prediction algorithms that detects whether possible heart disease in the medium run. Our predictive software is based on an innovative algorithm that has the heuristic entropic concept.

We analyzed more then 250 parameters and over 12500 patients during 3.5 years. It's planed that we will develope two prototypes before the commercialization stage.And now We are finished Prototype One and We are crafting specialized web site to run this job.

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