Our researches

Our Services


  • Prediction Machine for The Heart Disease: over 200 parameters, new algorithms, completely new idea, will become world leading concept ... Now: Prototype 1 making Stage.
  • Prediction of emergency situations: floods, fires, earthquakes...we predict a population behavior in such situations.
  • Long and short run predictions: Economy, stock markets, banks... it will be easier knowing the future 01.01.2016. Innovative Stock Market prediction researching's Beginning.

Math Research

  • New Coding Way: Privacy if safe. The messages are safe. We don't read them. we just code them and recognize its Spam/Ham value.
  • Finding Spam Without Message Reading: It is possible. In SMS world We did it!

Med Tech

  • Genetic "USB" :Touch&Mind
  • New Ways :¬†Innervation in a state of partial or complete immobility of the body parts
  • Genetic data protection :¬†Thanks to Beal Conjecture