Project name:

Prediction software for Heart disease prediction P.E.T.R.A

Project description:

System of Algorithms, that provides short,medium or long run Prediction, in Health Tech.

Mathematicians, Data Scientists, Medical Analysts, Programmers, have one mission: to create an innovative technology. In this case You have right to know Your patient’s future and the way a patient acts.

  • P.E.T.R.A is the top level product from BRAIN RESEARCH INFINITY company. PETRA provides easy-to-use web service to predict and to make a diagnosis of the heart disease risk in next 2 or 3 years.
  • P.E.T.R.A is a heart of this project. It  is connected to the thousands of terminals throughout the world. The terminals are located in medical clinics. The doctor enters the relevant data related to the patient and sends them to the server. Server puts all of this at the database and on the basis of the analysis is given to predicting heart problems.

We offer


You have to make Your datas input (there are few required fields) and You can submit it anytime You want.


All You need is the browser! Our cloud service is fast – answer and result will be there in less then 1 second.


High level of accuracy will be reach just after You complet full list of data fields.


Like nobody before. But You are not required to fill all of them.